P2PG (P2PGO) will be listed on VCC Exchange

VCC Exchange will list P2PG (P2PGO) and trading for P2PG/USDT shall be available on VCCE at 2pm on 25th September, 2020. Customers can get ready to buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store P2PG from now!
About P2PGO (P2PG):
P2PGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. is a company operating in the sector of fintech, focused on crypto and fiat lending industry.
P2PGO targets to resolve the existing issues of the lending industry. It aims to provide an advanced and scalable P2P matching lending platform, enhanced by AI and bigdata technologies, supporting both fiat and crypto, then allow lenders to earn higher profit and borrowers to get lower loan interest. All transactions are decentralized and recorded on public blockchain, hence, transparent, immutable, always available and traceable.
P2PGO envisions a seamless, frictionless and borderless lending place for all lenders and borrowers worldwide, which is powered by blockchain and enhanced by the best cybersecurity and cryptography techniques.
To learn more about P2PGO (P2PG), please visit their website at: https://p2pgo.loan/ , https://p2pgo.io/

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