To all P2PGO investors and supporters,

It is from the P2PGO Technology Ltd. Pte. company

We have just found that there is a P2PG (ERC20) token which is NOT issued by our company. The token was issued at block 10376922 on 2nd July 2020 under the contract: 0xf6a718846a9a4b1eabe683fb7a7464fa6986c24c

See TX on etherscan: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x51a47c4ad20577a3b3c1d353001a91de6c431cdec7895814ac90353ca6d6501b

We don’t know why and how the token is the same as our issued one (name, token symbol), although our contract source code is publicly opened so anyone can clone to create a new token. There are many malicious guys out there, and possibly they created a FAKE token for scam purposes. Please be NOTED that the official token contract issued by the P2PGO Technology Ltd. Pte. company is


which was issued at block 9874978  on 15th April, 2020, see TX on etherscan: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x47e2dbb0cf25ee4380356d9b029c9dad2b7a55a0663c685b78acd1643314222d

The company’s token was officially listed on Foblgate (a top Korean licensed exchange) on 23rd July 2020, see https://www.foblgate.com/trade?pairName=P2PG/KRW. Up to now, our issued token has 303 token holders and 319 transfers. We have submitted a token symbol update to Etherscan and waiting for approval.

We are trying our best to investigate the case. In the meantime, we are strongly advice our investors and supporters to be aware there are a lot of scams and frauds in the crypto space. One more time, the P2PGO Technology Ltd. Pte. company has just issued one token under the contract:


We declare that we don’t have any relation with the issuer of the contract


and we don’t have any responsible as well as any legal liability to any loss caused by that guy.

To all P2PGO’s investors and supporters, please be aware and cautioned. DON’T loss your fund.

We are strictly following up the case. Please stay tuned for new update.

Sincere from P2PGO team

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